Upcoming Support Parent Trainings


Support Parent Trainings are held periodically throughout the State.  Trainings are held in small group settings (8-15 participants).  Registration is required for all trainings.

The next Support Parent Training is:


Why Require Support Parent Training?
  1. Familiarize parents with Parent to Parent of Wisconsin so that you feel confident in being a volunteer representative of the organization and fully understand the role and commitment of the Support Parent.
  2. Provide time for parents to reflect on their own experiences as parents and, in group trainings, share experiences with other parents so that the newly recruited Support Parents can
  • Recognize similarities in parenting experiences even though the children have different disabilities, illnesses, or syndromes.
  • Learn about the different emotional states commonly experienced by parents of children with special needs.
  • Gain insight into what a family may be experiences even though you may not have personally experienced a particular emotional state.
  1. Develop communication and listening skills to help Support Parents use and share their personal experiences in effective way.
  • Learn techniques to use when talking to a referral parent including guidelines for telephone contact.
  • Gain information on what may happen when you speak with a referral parent.
  1. Share a solid foundation of information about available community resources.
  2. Address the issue of Care for the Caregiver.
For more information or to register for a training, call or email:

Parent to Parent of Wisconsin
Email: P2PWI@childrenswi.org