Become a Support Parent 


Becoming a Support Parent provides a unique opportunity to encourage a parent who is walking a similar path. We are always looking for parents who are at a place in their own journey to support another parent who requests a one-to-one parent match. We have found that to be an effective Support Parent, it is helpful to be at least one year out from your child’s diagnosis.

Steps to becoming a support parent:
  1. Fill out the form.
  2. A Parent to Parent staff member will contact you to learn more about you and your journey.
  3. Complete the Parent to Parent training. 
  4. Start receiving matches.
What makes a good Support Parent?
  • Communication skills: non-judgmental and active listening
  • Self-awareness and self-reflection; understanding your own values and beliefs
  • Maturity and empathy resulting from your own adaptation process
  • Listening carefully rather than making assumptions or comparisons
  • Share your own hopes, resources, and practical experiences
  • Maintaining confidentiality is important to assure privacy and trust for both parents
  • Relate respectfully to people of different backgrounds and cultures

Become a support parent form