Find a support parent

Through a one-on-one match, you will receive support from another parent who has experienced a similar journey similar to yours. A match can provide support in areas of problem solving, emotional support, and listening to understand your circumstances. Like each family, a match is unique. 

A parent match can be based upon: 
  • Diagnosis
  • Upcoming surgery or treatment
  • Upcoming transition or change 
Process for receiving a one-to-one match:
  1. Submit the form to receive a match.
  2. A Parent to Parent staff member will reach out to gather further information. This information allows for the best, personalized match. 
  3. Once a match is made, You will receive a call from a support parent within a few days. 

Find a support parent form

Become a support parent

Parents of children with specials needs report having a hard time finding others who truly understand their experiences. As a parent of a child with special needs, your unique experiences can help others. If you feel you are in a place in your journey where you can help others, register to become a support parent.

Steps to becoming a support parent:
  1. Fill out the form.
  2. A Parent to Parent staff member will contact you to learn more about you and your journey.
  3. Complete the Parent to Parent training. 
  4. Start receiving matches.
Benefits of the Support Parent Training:
  • Increase your knowledge about Parent to Parent of Wisconsin

Increase your knowledge about how to provide family support in the areas of:

  • Active listening
  • Being in a supporting role
  • Promoting self-care

Become a support parent form